We are so pleased that our facilitating couple for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Couples Retreat are:

Dan and Carol Ohler

Are you ready for a fun, insightful, and inspirational weekend where you’ll have the opportunity to transform your relationship – by your design? Ready or not, you and your partner won’t want to miss this.

Who are Dan & Carol Ohler, the facilitators?

Farmers and relationship builders.

Yes, that’s true. You’ll experience their grass-roots, authentic, rural values, and love. They are excited to share with you some tools, strategies, and methods to prepare the soil, plant, nurture, nurture, and nurture the seeds for a life-long joyful and loving relationship.

During their 35 years of marriage (not all of them happy), they’ve educated themselves in the art and science of thriving in relationship, not just “getting along.” This was through formal education as well as the school of hard knocks.

They are Personal Mastery Coaches, Relationship Coaches, and Communication Excellence facilitators. They give you tried-and-true relationship models, real life stories, and then invite you to have meaningful dialogue to come up with your own best ways to create your relationship by your design, rather than by default.

To design your relationship is not enough. You’ll have the focused time and support to make solid commitments, so your learnings and insights will guide your daily choices to thrive together accountably – as a team.

Although the results of your harvest will be totally up to you, you’ll gain the understandings, support, humour, and love you need to ensure bounty.