Why the Name Change?

After 50 years of supporting and nurturing loving relationships, The Banff Couples Conference has a new name – same focus, same goal.

The Banff Couples Conference holds a lot of meaning to hundreds of couples. Did you know that some couples have been attending this annual event for over 40 years?

For 51 years, the Banff Couples Conference has been strengthening and supporting couples in loving relationships. It is safe to say though, that over the years, our environment has changed.

After discussions, surveys, consultations, and a lot of soul searching, the Banff Couples Conference Society made the decision to change the name of the event that had been held annually for 51 years.  The new name is a better representation of the event and resonated with both past attendees and potential future ones.

One thing that won’t change is the event.  We will continue to provide a premier weekend dedicated to supporting and nurturing loving relationships.  We will bring couples together with like-minded people; providing them with tools and experiences that will help them strengthen and improve their relationship, and encouraging them to work towards every couple creating their best relationship.  And then, improving it year over year.  All of this, in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains.  A place where you can’t help but be inspired to do and be your best!

We are looking forward to providing this experience to couples for the next 51 years!