We are excited to present Christine Petrik and David Green as the facilitating couple for the 2023 Rocky Mountain Couples Retreat.

Christine Petrik and David Green

Partners in love, business and life, Christine and David are the Co-Founders of the RAIS Relationship Center in New York City.  For over 12 years, through their workshops, private retreats, lectures, and other engagements they’ve helped well over 1000 couples heal and grow in their personal relationships.

Christine is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, licensed in New York & New Jersey, with over 30 years of experience. She is an Associate Faculty member at the Imago International Training Institute and maintains a private practice.   

David has been working in Real-Estate for over three-decades but inspired by his marriage he became a Certified Imago Educator and Professional Facilitator.  He was on the Board of Imago Relationships International and currently sits on the Board of Trustees at Cape May Stage, an Equity Playhouse.   Together, they believe their marriage has been their greatest teacher.

“The Gift of Difference”

Rarely in our lifetime have we witnessed, on a global scale, the enormous consequences of people not validating or understanding each other’s ideological differences.  Our most intimate personal relationships are not that much different.

Let’s be honest – if we married someone exactly like ourselves there would be no growth. Despite that, many of us spend way too much time and energy railing against those difficult ‘differences’ about our partners. Spoiler Alert, our greatest joy comes from the growth gifts we gain when we’re consciously living in the space between those differences.  So come with us, as we journey together, exploring the big and small ways you and your partner can experience your opposite parts as complimentary so you can fully receive ALL the gifts that come from learning how to live in that differentiated space between you.

Over the course of the weekend, you will learn and practice some practical and easy to use skills on how to identify each other’s differences (pleasant and challenging) in a whole new way. This process will help bring new perspective and appreciation for your partners ‘otherness.’ It will also strengthen the safety you co-create so you can experience more passion and fun.  We structure the weekend using limited lectures, writing exercises, videos, demonstrations, and some of our own personal stories. You will participate with each other in guided dialogues, personal and shared experiences, laughter, and co-create a working vision for deepening connection and intimacy.

We hope you will join us in 2023 so that we all can share in the Gift of Difference.