2024 Facilitators

We are excited to present Michele & Dean Yasuda as the facilitating couple for the 2024 Rocky Mountain Couples Retreat.

Michele & Dean Yasuda

Michele and Dean are certified Big Leap Coaches and Graduates of the Hendricks Institute
Leadership and Transformation Program. They are the Co-Founders of Michele and Dean, LLC,
where they inspire individuals to Awaken their Aliveness by being their true selves so they can
live their best life. Michele and Dean are adept at guiding individuals in committed relationships
to express themselves authentically, so they can Awaken Conscious Connection and enjoy a
thriving relationship. They share time-tested and practical Hendricks Institute consciousness
tools that can be used right away to transform and uplift your life. Michele and Dean offer online
and in-person couples coaching and group experiences in their Conscious Date Night and
weekend retreats.

Michele & Dean Yasuda