Past Retreats

Since 1969, The Banff Couples Conference Society has been supporting and nurturing loving relationships. Here is a list of our previous facilitators and themes. We can't wait to see what is next!

Banff Couples Conference: 1969 – 2020


2020 Carol & Dan Ohler Thinking Outside the Barn
2019 LaVerna & Darren Wilk Making Love Last a Lifetime
2018 Linda & Charlie Bloom Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Stories from Real Couples about Lasting Love.
2017 Joel Feldman, PCC And Kate Feldman, MSW, LCSW Conscious Relationships
2016 Carista Luminare, Ph.D. & Lion Goodman Confused About Love?
2015 Louise Dorfman & David Rubinstein Knowing Your Partner: The Road to a Secure Functioning Relationship
2014 Joyce & Barry Vissell The Shared Heart – A Conscious Couples Journey
2013 (45th) Robert Gass & Judith Ansara Sharing The Path
2012 Kate & Joel Feldman Creating Joy & Passion Together
2011 Sharon Bronstein & Alan Caplan Deepening Connections: The Art of Turning Towards
2010 Hedy & Yumi Schleifer An Adventure in Intimacy
2009 Richard & Antra Borofsky Being Together: The Art of Loving
2008 (40th) Linda and Charlie Bloom Secrets of Extraordinary Relationships
2007 Robert and Judith Gass (link)
2006 Joyce and Barry Vissell A Shared Heart
2005 Paul & Layne Cutright Enlightened Partnerships
2004 Robert and Judith Gass Sharing the Path
2003 (35th) Torkin Wakefield & Charles Steinberg Couples in Love, An Ongoing Journey
2002 Phyllis and Rand Michael Living, Loving, Laughing
2001 Liliana Cane and Robert Baillod Celebrate Your Relationship
2000 Charlotte & Bill Dyck Pathways to Growing Intimacy in the New Millenium
1999 Joel & Michelle Levey Living in Balance; Intimacy
1998 (30th) Joe & Elaine Sullivan The Art of Creating & Sustaining Intimate Relationships
1997 Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks Conscious Loving
1996 Charles Steinberg & Torkin Wakefield Opening the Heart
1995 Britton & Bobbye Wood Harmony Through Communication
1994 Britton & Bobbye Wood Intimacy, Sexuality and Love
1993 (25th) Bernard & Louise Guerney The Art of Heart; Relationship Enhancement Skills
1992 Janice & Mahan Siler You, me & us
1991 Stephen & Elizabeth Treat Intimacy & Romance
1990 Carol Ann Fried & Jerry Ewen Laughing, Living and Loving
1989 Lloyd & Marilyn Flaro Strategies and Secrets for Falling & Staying in Love
1988 (20th) Dr. Ray and Marilyn Seutter Communication to Build Each Other up
1987 Addy & Tel Sartison Family and Its Effect on Relationships
1986 Beryl & Noam Chernik Ages and Stages in Love and Relationships
1985   Creating Intimacy in the Committed Relationship
1984 Nina & Ivan Cumming Survival in the 1980’s
1983 (15th) Rose Marie & Bill Hague Love, a Renewable Resource
1982 LaDonna & Paul Hopkins Individuality Within a Couple Relationship
1981 Judith & Robert Shaw Compromise – Beyond You and Me
1980 Brandy & Lewis Engle Conflict Management
1979 Penny Bauer & Jay Mann Man-Woman Relationships
1978 (10th) Peggy & Joe Golden Human Sexuality
1977 Phyllis & Sherod Miller Enriching Relationships: Communication
1976 Vera & David Mace  
1975 Roberta & Herb Otto Marriage Enrichment: Life-long Adventure
1974 Freida & Richard Stuart  
1973 (5th) Dr. Carlfred B. Broderick Communication in Marriage
1972 Audry & Bill McGaw Witness
1971 Kay Crowe Improving Communication in Marriage
1970 Dr. Otis Maxfield Communication
1969 (1st) Dr. Richard Hay Self-Awareness: Its Relation to Communication